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 The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Lying in the river bank of Ganges Sundorban has stretched around 80km into the Bangladeshi locality from the coast. “Sundorban” is a Bengali word which means “Beautiful Forest”. The real meaning of this word can only be visualized and understood after having a real life visit to this Forest. Sundorban covers more than 10000 kilometers. There are many complex network of tidal waterways have run through the forest. Plants and wildlife here is adjusted with the follow of salty water. Sundorban is known for its rich wild life too. The royal Bengal tigers of this forest are the main attraction here along side with beautiful spotted deer, crocodiles and various species of their birds and animals. There is no exact statistics of how many tigers are there but the general estimation is around four hundred. The Government must take appropriate action to preserve the world life of The Sundorban which is under constant threat from tree smugglers, storms and other natural disaster. Sundorban is also a very popular tourist attraction of Bangladesh.

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