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There are many websites where you can listen to islamic lectures, watch islamic videos and also islamic songs. We have listed some of the most prominent islamic scholars and their lecture links on the page bellow. We also have provided links to islamic song websites where you can listen to islamic songs by some very popular islamic song singer and artists. Just browse through the page bellow and find what you need.

Islamic Lectures
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Yusuf Islam Saimum Songs Ahmed Deedat Yusuf Estes Sulayman Nyang
Ahmed Bukhatir Zain Bhika Islamic Nasheeds Zakir Naik Riyad ul Haq Mujammil Siddique Lectures
Sami Yusuf Native Deen Zia Ullah Khan Lectures Abdullah Hakim Murad
Sham Group Mesut Kurtis Nazeel Azmi Hamza Yusuf siraj-wahhaj
      Sulaiman Molla Ahmed Shehab Bilal Philips
      Hussain yee Abdur raheem green Anwar Ibrahim

Islamic waz Mahfil also provides links to Newspapers, Universities, Social Networks, Online shopping and much more. Hope you find our website useful when searching for islamic leacture and songs and also other information according to your choice.