Bangladeshi Garments: Bangladesh is renowned for its garments production around the world. Bangladesh is one of the cheapest garmetns producer and suppiler and known their efficiency and quality. There are many Garments factories in Bangladesh supplying garments to many countries around the world. Garments sector has been growing industry for long period of time and still growing. Most of the garments factory in Bangladesh has their own marketing team and also website. We have listed some of many garments factories` websites on this page bellow where product details and contact details can be found. Please browse through our website and click on links below to find more about garments of Bangladesh. Hope you will find our website helpful

Bangladeshi Garments
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To add your Garments in the list above just click here and send us the details.

When it comes to production of garments Bangladesh managed to hold a good position in world market for many years. It has been good but never been better or excellent of for many reasons. Even though there are so many obstacles, Bangladesh is developing its garments manufacturing day by day. According to a recent report published in 2008, Bangladesh has about 4500 registered garments where around 25,00000 people work and its worth about 12bn USD.

As the competition is growing in the world garments sector, Bangladesh is facing huge competition from countries like china, India and Thailand.  Lead time has always been a problem Bangladeshi garments sector. Bangladeshi garments are not developing as per its expectation due to the lead time of its raw material collection and communication problem. Bangladeshi garments sector is falling behind competition because of the insufficiency of the raw materials and equipment supply and importation. Less focus on research and development is also playing a significant role in not diversifying, developing and experimenting Bangladeshi garments products.  Political instability is halting the day to day operation in Bangladesh. Lately, the world economic down turn has affected the western market. This has caused decline in the demand of Bangladeshi garments to many developed countries. To face all these problems Bangladesh Government must act before it is too late. For the long term sustainability of Bangladeshi Garments they must emprises on research and development in order to diversify their product range, bring in new technology. does not only provide links to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Garments and their websites, we also have of direct links of Daily Bangla Newspapers and Bangladeshi English Newspapers. We have loads of information for Bangladeshi people looking for jobs in Bangladesh or UK. Other Bangladesh related links include jobs in Bangladesh, Bangla Natoks, Bangla Songs etc.

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