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Bangla fonts are essential for writing, reading or viewing Bangla on the internet. For example, when reading bangla newspapers it may ask you to download and install bangla font to be able to read it. Bangla Fonts can be downloaded from websites on the internet for free. We have provided a list of website where you can download Bangla fonts from. Just download Bangla Font using the links bellow and install them on your computer`s font folder. Hope you find our website useful in finding and installing bangla font.

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Omicronlab Bangla font

Avro Bangla Keyboard

UniCode Bangla Font

Ekushey Bangla Font


Mukto Bangla Font


Bangla Font does not only provide links to Bangla or Bangla fonts or Bangla font download, we also have of direct links of Daily Bangla Newspapers and Bangladeshi English Newspapers. We have loads of information for Bangladeshi people looking for jobs in Bangladesh or UK. Other Bangladesh related links include jobs in Bangladesh, Bangla Natoks, Bangla Songs etc.

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