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Toronto Star The Gazette Globe and Mail
National Post La Presse Vancouver Sun
The Province Ottawa Citizen Edmonton Journal
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Le Journal de Québec Le Soleil Hamilton Spectator
Times-Colonist London Free Press Windsor Star
Waterloo Region Record StarPhoenix Leader-Post
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Ang Peryodiko Corriere Canadese Canadian Jewish News
Das Echo De Nederlandse Courant Horizon Weekly
Philippine Times Phoenicia Salam Toronto
Share Sing Tao Daily Vapaa Sana
Gateway Ubyssey Manitoban Brunswickan Athenaeum
Charlatan Campus Canada Free Press  
There are many daily Newspapers in Canada. All of this Newspapers have their own websites where you can read daily newspapers and get informed about what is going on around the country, region and around the world. We have listed some of the Canadian Newspapers on this page above. We really hope you will find this page useful when reading Canadian Newspapers online.


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